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Our Story



Tan Whey Han
Hong Junchen

Tan Kee Leng
Head Chef

Marcus Ow
Sous Chef

Lee Dik Yang
Pastry Chef

Lily Orocio, Woo Kin Hao
Hospitality Leads

Andy Soh, Ian Chan, Theevisri

Chester Nimer, Nicholas Tan, William

Jerome Tan, Marshall Chai, Eng Wen Dee, Finn Chua, Francis Chai, Tan Wei Quan




We’re a contemporary Asian grill. We curate exceptional meat, coax them with fire and a beautiful chef’s touch, share them with warm hospitality. Pleasure, pure and generous



We’ve dreamt of making this food for a long time. Fire, good meat, and a warm spirit weaving together pleasure of a primal sort. The kind of food you share joyfully with loved ones.

Friends in Japan and New Zealand send us meat. Then, we unlock the beauty of the produce with a thoughtful and artistic chef’s touch, Western-trained but Asian-inspired. We cook with binchotan and almond wood and our heart, and dish out genuine hospitality. Because food is about making people happy, nothing more or less.



This is the meat version of NUDE Seafood. We lavish unreasonable care on sourcing good ingredients, and compose them into delicious one-dish meals that are cooked-to-order and priced reasonably. Why can’t food be high-quality if it’s fast and well-priced? Why must a good meal be slow and expensive? This is our answer.



We’re an unusual team. Too young, too diverse, too tight. And we set ourselves an unusual mission—making Food like the Laughter Of Children (the acronym behind our company name FLOC), whilst building fulfilling and sustainable careers for our people.

Our vision is to be the most innovative and respected F&B group, breaking meaningful tradeoffs and always doing the right things.

Co-owners Junchen and Whey Han built deep bonds as consultants with the Boston Consulting Group. They had start-up dreams like many of their peers, but chose to innovate in a brick-and-mortar industry. Junchen fears starvation and Whey Han loves breaking tradeoffs. So, they’ve chosen to break meaningful tradeoffs in the age-old act of feeding people.

Head and Sous Chefs Kee Leng and Marcus have been friends a long time, and NUDE Grill is their dream restaurant. Where they apply their fine dining background towards cooking simply and honestly; where they find their own cuisine and voice; where they cook to make people happy; where they work with friends to build something beautiful together.

Happy Team, Happy Food, Happy Guests is not just our motto, it’s our way of life.



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The name signifies its commitment to using fresh ingredients which they cook 'simply, transparently, nude'